Did you miss World Oceans Day on Saturday? It’s not too late to celebrate by considering how the ocean effects your life every day. It’s probably more than you’d expect:

Those of us who can’t see the ocean from our window might feel disconnected from the life there. It might seem that, because the ocean feels far away, its problems will only harm those people that fish or make their living directly from the sea. But this isn’t true: the sea is far more important than that.

It’s easy to forget the critical role the ocean plays in human life. The salty water of the ocean covers more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. Ocean plants produce some 50% of the planet’s oxygen. Seawater absorbs a quarter of the carbon dioxide we pump into the atmosphere. And seaweed extract helps keeps your peanut butter and ice cream at the right consistency!

Read more at “Celebrating World Oceans Day” on the Smithsonian Ocean Portal.

Photo: Dennis Frates/Nature’s Best Photography

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